Apply for Access to Controlled Data

The ICGC Data Access Compliance Office (ICGC DACO) handles requests from scientists, researchers and commercial teams for access to ICGC Controlled Data.

What will you get access to?

While all ICGC data sources contain open data, sensitive genomic and clinical data is controlled access data.

ICGC ARGO plans to uniformly analyze specimens from 100,000 cancer patients with high quality clinical data. Learn more about the ICGC ARGO project.

ICGC 25K Data Portal has produced >20,000 tumour genomes for 26 cancer types (including PCAWG data).


The International Cancer Genome Consortium has tiered levels of access to donor data with strict data access policies. Authorization for access to controlled data is project based and is reviewed for compliance with ICGC Policies and Guidelines. The ICGC DACO is the overarching authority to ensure that data from the ICGC will only be used by qualified individuals for public health objectives.

Before starting your application, learn more about Data Access and Use Policies and review our frequently asked questions.

The Application Process is Simple

Log in and start an application. Carefully complete all required sections and review all policies and agreements.

When completed, obtain the required signatures and submit the signed application for review.

The ICGC DACO will review the application and approved project teams will be granted 2 years of access to ICGC Controlled Data.

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